Tai Chi Chuan classes and experiences for New York, Long Island, and beyond.

Organizations face many challenges meeting their goals of providing valuable products and services, staying financially healthy, and motivating and inspiring staff, clients, and members.
For staff, the Tai Chi Chuan Experience for Organizations offering provides a chance to feel grounded, energized, and clear-minded, while enjoying humor and comradery. They appreciate that the organization cares about their well-being, and the custom-designed group workshop provides a shared experience that improves communication and collaboration among staff as well as management.
For clients and members of an organization, the Tai Chi Chuan Experience for Organizations offering focuses on well-being, that is, providing a positive experience and enjoyable connection to others. Past organizations that have participated and enjoyed these sessions have included non-profits, trade associations, and event attendees at a variety of events.
The universal reaction is surprise and pleasure at the relief from stress and the harmonious energy that participants experience from even a 10-minute interaction. Contact David B. Alexander for more information.