Tai Chi Chuan classes and experiences for New York, Long Island, and beyond.

Tai Chi Chuan classes and experiences for New York, Long Island, and beyond.​​
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Ebook: The Essence and Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan

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The way of Tai Chi Chuan, like other wisdom traditions, is subtle and not so easily grasped. Yet it is grasped from the beginning when a new practitioner tastes the warm energy and the spaciousness of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

The ultimate purpose for writing this book is to offer a record of and inspiration for the practice of the true principles of Tai Chi Chuan.

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What Is Tai Chi Chuan?

Two translations of the name “Tai Chi Chuan” you may encounter are “Grand Ultimate Fist” and “Great Polarity Boxing”. The two translations are pointing to the same transcendent understanding.

Of course, words are always pointers; it is up to our selves to explore and experience the important meanings of the words.

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Mind and Brain

For purposes of discussion, we will for now separate our mental function into two parts: the hardware or “brain,” and the software or “mind.”

Rather than being totally discrete from each other, they overlap and are closely connected.

Tai Chi Chuan helps the mind release these extra, unneeded and counter-productive mental processes…

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Homunculus brain map, showing the relative size of body parts in the brain map of each person's body

Brain, toes, and fingers

By practicing the form slowly, turning the awareness inwards, we re-connect the mind, toes, and fingers.

For effective and frictionless action, we only need to activate the toes and fingers, while the arch of the foot maintains support; the rest of the body automatically supports the two endpoints with energy to accomplish the desired action.

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