Tai Chi Chuan in NYC, July 2023. Looking forward to seeing you!

Welcome to the page to reserve class attendance for July 2023, at 440 Lafayette Street, NYC. The specific room number will be posted at the building entrance and elevator before class times. You can sign up below.

It will be a pleasure to continue the study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan with you this summer. Assuming there is enough student participation, Marijke Eliasberg will be running classes in June, late July, and August, and I am running classes for the first three weeks of July. We are keeping close to the schedule established previously by Grandmaster Chen, i.e. Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons, but check for the details.

The specific classes I will be offering are as follows:

Saturdays July 1, 8, 15, 22: 1pm Short Form (all levels); 2pm Applications (push hands and punching); 3pm Long Form

Wednesdays July 5, 12: 6pm Short Form (all levels); 7pm Applications (push hands and punching)

Fees: 10 or more classes: $22 per class; 5 or more classes: $25 per class; individual classes $28

Calculate the total fee based on the number of all classes combined you intend to join in. See notes below for additional information.

Tai Chi Chuan hands, in ward off right posture; image is next to the custom amount payment form

Tai Chi Chuan in NYC – July 2023

Tai Chi Chuan in NYC – July 2023 Custom Amount Payment


You will receive an emailed receipt for this secure payment.

This form accepts credit and debit cards. Checks (made payable to Insight and Energy) and cash are also accepted as payment at class time.

Application class participation requires completion of short form and previous approval for this more advanced practice.

Punching will use provided gloves and target pads, with no sparring. You can also bring your own gloves or target pads if you have them.

Fees for groups of classes (5+ or 10+) apply when made in a single payment for that level of pricing; additional classes will be priced at the participant’s current purchase rate.