Make a payment for Tai Chi Chuan

Welcome to the secure payment page for Internal Tai Chi Chuan of NY. Checks (made payable to Insight and Energy) and cash are also accepted as payment, at class time.

Note that for group sessions, one skipped class is allowed for. For example, if you sign up for an eight-class session, use the classes within nine weeks. For an added fee, you can expand that to four months before the expiration. More information

Short Form practice

1) Two options for new students: Trial Short Form class (below), or try the Four-Class Special (4 classes / $80)  

Internal Tai Chi Chuan / NY

Online Tai Chi Chuan Trial Class


Tai Chi Chuan near the ocean; image is next to the eight-class session payment form
2) Eight-class group session; use within nine weeks

Internal Tai Chi Chuan / NY

Tai Chi Chuan Eight-Class Session

Tai Chi Chuan hands, in ward off right posture; image is next to the custom amount payment form
3) Custom amount (read here for more schedule & price info)

Internal Tai Chi Chuan / NY

Tai Chi Chuan Custom Amount Payment