Start Your Tai Chi Chuan Practice in Long Island or NYC!

Yang-style Short FormI want to help you improve your well-being and vitality. You can do this through Tai Chi Chuan practiced with its full historical meaning and benefits. It is a martial art, a sport, and a health practice benefiting mental and physical health. Those active in sports, dancing, and music performance have also reported improvements in terms of lower tension and faster response times.

Special offer: Short Form class for students

who have never taken a class with ITCCNY

Internal Tai Chi Chuan Four-Class Special / LI or NYC

Tai Chi Chuan Four-Class Special – Long Island or NYC


This secure purchase is an investment in yourself and will give you access to four Short Form classes to be used within five weeks of when you start (allows skipping one class during the package). The $80 inclusive fee is a special offer for new students. The classes take place in Albertson, Long Island or in Manhattan. See location addresses and other details here.

Master David B. Alexander has taught Tai Chi Chuan since 1995. He has also practiced and studied since 1978, with Grandmaster William C.C. Chen for over 40 years, and assisted him in beginner classes for 20 years. Master Alexander also studied Tai Chi Chuan before that with Herman Kauz, and brings as well a lifetime of Zen practice, with its own profound approach to mind / body harmony, insight, and energy. He has over 30 years of push-hands and boxing (San Shou) experience as well.

This is the true practice of Tai Chi Chuan embodying the principles of grounding and presence, as well as martial art skill. Such a practice supports good mental and physical health. Read more.

Master Alexander has been invited to assist or run parallel classes during multiple workshops, including offering classes for workshops in Eastover MA, and assisting in the running of workshops in Saratoga NY and Washington DC.

Tai Chi Chuan workshop, Saratoga NY October 15, 2023
Workshop in Saratoga, NY on Sunday October 15, 2023 with William C.C. Chen in the center; organized by The Tai Chi Center of Saratoga